Rini DeMorieve

The Prince of Rosenrot City.


Full name: Rini Calpurnia DeMorieve

Apparent Age: 27

True Age: 3 years (Vampire turned 3 years ago)

Sex: Female

Alignment: Lawful evil
*She’s honorable and true to her morals and society’s standards, but she still acts in a self-serving andin a very greedy way. As long as the rules are tailor-made to HER, the laws are perfect.

Title: Prince

  • A Prince is a vampire who has claimed leadership over a Domain, usually a single city. They possess the authority of an Elder as described in the Traditions.

Meaning of Name: Small Rabbit of the Dead

Birthplace: Dresden, Germany.

Current Residence: Rosenrot, Sangria in the Germany faction.

Lives With:

  • Nichiya DeMorieve (Husband and sire)
  • Ryushu Devlin (Loyal butler and guardian)
  • Ambrosia Devlin (Ryushu’s wife; family friend)
    *Saito Sahl (Biological older brother)
    *Izayoi Sahl (Saito’s wife; Sister-in-law)
    *Ciel Sahl (Saito and Izayoi’s son; nephew).
  • Viktor (Adopted Caitiff childe)
    *Alroy (Butler)
  • Sebastian Heiss (Ghoul)
    *William DeWinter (Adoptive father)
    *Cheshy (Pet Cheshire cat)
    *Angelcake (Pet Turkish Angora cat)
    *Hoshi (Pet Drake)
    *Mushu (Pet Drake)
  • Katerina DeMorieve (Eldest Daughter)
    *Kaiba DeMorieve (Eldest son)
    *Haku DeMorieve (Second born son)
    *Shido DeMorieve (Youngest son; twin)
    *Akasha DeMorieve (Young daughter; twin)
    *Cecilia DeMorieve (youngest daughter and child).

Family Relations:
Nichiya DeMorieve (Husband and sire)
Saito Sahl (Biological older brother)
Izayoi Sahl (Saito’s wife; Sister-in-law)
Ciel Sahl (Saito and Izayoi’s son; nephew).
Viktor (Adopted Caitiff childe)

  • Katerina DeMorieve (Eldest Daughter)
    *Kaiba DeMorieve (Eldest son)
    *Haku DeMorieve (Second born son)
    *Shido DeMorieve (Youngest son; twin)
    *Akasha DeMorieve (Youngest daughter; twin)
    *Unborn child (gender N/A)
    Species: Vampire (Toreador)
    *Toreador: The Toreador are some of the most beautiful and glamorous of the Kindred. Famous (and infamous) as a clan of artists and innovators they are one of the bastions of the Camarilla, as their very survival depends on the facades of civility and grace on which the sect prides itself.

Due to their inherent clan weakness, although lovely and seductive, the members of this clan are as much prisoners of their artistic vision and sensitivity as they are its beneficiaries. They are often overcome by the beauty they see around them, and become immobilized with fascination. Such things as paintings, neon signs, or even sunrises can captivate them. It requires a successful Willpower roll to break the fascination quickly; otherwise, the Toreador will stand, awed and helpless, for minutes or even hours. This trait explains why Toreador so often fall in love with mortals. This trait, however, also bans them from ever reaching perfection in their chosen form of art and makes them callous and disregardful once the experience becomes banal, resulting in trails of heart-broken mortals and disgarded projects behind every Toreador

Nickname: Red Queen, Madam Red, La Rouge, Run-Run, Kitty, Lady DeMorieve.


*Chi. Her chi is her inner-power, her life energy when she was a human. She uses it for self defense. It can cause extreme danger and damage. When activated, the outline of her body glows in a red aura.

*Pistols: Rini weilds two pistols she calls “Yin” and “Yang.” Her white pistol “Yin” is loaded with holy bullets enough to kill vampire. The holy bullets are melted down metal crosses from the Vatican. “Yang” is her black pistol that is loaded with copper bullets filled with vervain. Vervain is an herb that vampires cannot tolerate. It burns them and sedates them into a comatose state or keeps them temporarily paralyzed.

*Dagger: Her dagger is crafted out of blessed silver from the Vatican. Although it doesn’t do as much damage as her pistol Yin, it does do the trick when caught unexpectedly by danger.


Auspex: This Discipline bestows uncanny sensory abilities upon the vampire. While Auspex initially heightens all of the Kindred’s senses significantly, that is merely the beginning. As she grows in power, the vampire can perceive the psychic auras that flow around her and even project her mind into another being’s thoughts. Furthermore, Auspex can pierce the disguises that Obfuscate creates.

Such sensory command gives the vampire a distinct advantage over mortals and even many supernaturals. Whether these talents let her view a distant haven, sense the Prince’s mood, or pluck secrets from a rival Kindred’s ghoul, Auspex is a powerful tool.

Still, the vampire must be careful lest this heightened sensitivity cause her to be distracted by beautiful things, startled by loud noises, or overwhelmed by foul smells. Sudden or dynamic events can disorient an Auspex-using character unless she makes a Willpower roll (difficulty 4) to block them out. The more potent the source of distraction, the higher the difficulty. Failure overwhelms the character’s senses, making her oblivious to her surroundings for a turn or two.

Malkavians and Toreador are most susceptible to such distractions. Kindred from the Tremere and Tzimisce clans seem better able to regulate their sensory input, but they are not immune to the occasional distraction.

A high Perception Trait is a great boon to using Auspex powers. The better the roll, the greater the degree of sensory information the character gains.

Celerity: The Embrace gifts some vampires with startling speed and reflexes. They can use Celerity to move with amazing swiftness in times of stress. Mortals, and even Kindred lacking this Discipline, move as if in slow motion compared to the astonishing blur the vampire becomes.

Celerity is common among the Assamite, Brujah, and Toreador clans. The Assamites use this ability to strike down their foes before the victims are even aware of the attack. Brujah delight in the advantage this Discipline gives them against superior numbers of opponents. Toreador are more than likely to use Celerity to lend prenatural speed when creating sculptures or paintings — however, they can be as terrifying as any Assamite or Brujah when angered.

Presence: This is the Discipline of supernatural attraction. Kindred who develop Presence can inspire zealous fervor, devoted passion, or unspeakable terror in mortal and immortal alike. This subtle power is one of the most useful Disciplines a vampire can have.

Presence is notable since, unlike virtually all other Disciplines, some of its powers can be used on entire crowds at a time. The vampire may bring large groups under her sway, so long as her face is visible to those she wishes to affect — Presence doesn’t even require eye contact. Further, this Discipline transcends race, religion, gender, class, and (most importantly) supernatural nature. In theory, the powers have the same chance of affecting a Methuselah as they do a cab driver. In practice, while Presence can sway virtually any immortal, older and more canny Kindred are much more likely to notice the influence and resist with prenatural will.

Quite aside from its deliberate uses, Presence conveys upon the vampire an indescribable mystique. She stands out in any crowd, drawing the interest (and often desire) of those around her even when she’s merely standing still. The higher the vampire’s Presence, the greater this allure and the more powerful its impact on others.

Anyone can resist Presence for one turn by spending a Willpower point and succeeding on a Willpower roll (difficulty 8), but the affected individual must keep spending points until he can no longer see the vampire (or, in the case of Summon, until the effect wears off). The simplest way to deal with this is to turn around and stop looking. Those that don’t understand that they’re dealing with supernatural influences (as is the case with most mortals) seldom think of this tactic, but it’s a simple assumption for clever vampires. Vampires three or more generations lower than the vampire need only spend a single Willpower to ignore the Presence for an entire scene and need not roll Willpower to do so.

The major drawback of Presence is that it controls only the emotions. It causes others to feel a certain way toward the vampire, but it does not give her outright control over them. While people weigh strongly the orders that the vampire declares, their minds are still their own. Suicidal or ridiculous directives don’t sound any more sensible just because the person giving them is unusually fascinating. Still, inspired eloquence or significant wealth used in combination with this Discipline can enable the vampire to urge others along a desired course.

The Brujah, Followers of Set, Toreador, and Ventrue clans are all adept in this Discipline. The Ventrue are arguably the most skilled with its application, however, due to their ability to use Presence and Dominate in efficient combination.

Any vampire with Presence 6 or higher may employ Presence upon a character with the Merit Blasé (see Clanbook: Toreador, page 40), but at a +2 difficulty. Presence 7 reduces this to +1 difficulty, and Presence 8 or higher allows the character to apply Presence to Blasé victims as if they did not possess the Merit at all.

Animal Form: Rini’s animal form is a small black angor kitten. She has big yellow eyes and around her neck is a red ribbon with a gold bell in the center of the bow.


Rini DeMorieve is the main Protagonist and one of the main characters in Rosenrot City. She is the Prince of the city called Rosenrot, the largest capital in Sangria.

Born in 1980 in Dresden, Germany, Rini was the second born child to Cain and Lillian Hargreaves. She was raised by her uncle Abel in Rome after the murder of Lillian and the mysterious disappearance of her father. Abel adopted his niece as his own daughter and delivered a happy childhood for Rini and lavished her in spoils. As a young child, Rini became fascinated with cats and often brought home injured strays home to her Uncle. She also practiced musical arts such as piano and violin. At eight-years-old, she enrolled in a Conservatory, where she was taught how to play piano and performed at concert halls. When Rini turned eleven, Abel was informed by his boss, the Cardinal of Rome, that he had to leave for a mission. A mission that would take a few years to complete. Abel regrettably left his niece in the care of the local Orphanage. This had put a damper on her love for music and caused the enrollment of the school to stop.

In the Orphanage, Rini wasn’t the type to socialize or even attempt to befriend any of the other children. She preferred to be independent and by herself. Once again, she turned to neighborhood stray cats for comfort and security each time she was allowed outside to play. At the tender age of thirteen, she decided that she had enough of the orphanage and escaped one night.

Rini fled from Rome to France, where she stood upon the doorstep of a large mansion. The Master of the house was a Toreador named Nichiya DeMorieve, whom took her in and looked after her. Nichiya and Rini formed a strong friendship and bond, one could argue they were simply friends or had a father and daughter relationship. He taught her the ways of life that Abel had not and got her enrolled at a nearby school. They would spend each night snuggled up and reading a bedtime story before she went to sleep. However, one night, the Lady of the household became bitter towards Rini and resented her for establishing a bond with Nichiya. When Rini turned fifteen, the wife named Kiara, accused her of having an affair with Nichiya even though she did not. And refusing to listen, Kiara threw her out on the streets.

After being exiled from Farice, Rini decided to head back to Rome and start over again. She fled from France back to Italy where she gained the occupation of a vampire hunter under the Vatican’s protection. Since her Uncle worked for the Vatican, it was easy for her to gain a job and receive a good chunk of income in return. She later purchased her own mansion from the resources she earned from her hunting and began to build up a life for herself. As five years passed by, Rini had turned twenty-years-old and became Baroness of Rome. She was very well-known for her generosity and charities she ran for supporting Orphanages and Animals as well as her passion for music. Not long after earning her Baroness title, she bumps into Nichiya whom had been visiting Rome at the time and the two are re-united. He informs Rini that he has been looking for her and that he was no longer married to Kiara.
Rini returns the favor and took Nichiya in to live with her. The two became close once again and finally got married after a year. It wasn’t long after they got married that Rini had fallen pregnant with their first child, thus giving birth to a Dhampir daughter they named Katerina. After a few years, she had given birth to four other children by Nichiya which leads to her embrace.

During her fourth pregnancy, Rini came to learn that she had an older brother named Saito who resides in Tokyo, Japan. He was taken from their parents at a young age when their father began showing symptoms of a mental illness. Lillian wanted to keep her son safe from harm, so she allowed a Japanese couple to adopt Saito. This news strikes Rini badly and she slowly began to display signs of the same illness as her father Cain. It’s unknown what triggered the symptoms of the mental illness, but it did cause her to lose sanity. On the night of her due date, Rini laid upon the floor of her mansion unable to move and was in labor. She was coughing up blood and was on the doorstep to death, Nichiya had to act quickly. An emergency C-section was performed in order to get the twins out safely, they were healthy and safe, however, Rini wasn’t going to make it out alive with so much damage done to her organs and losing a lot of blood, Nichiya had only one choice – embrace.

Nichiya sired Rini in order to save her life, but this also meant they had to get out of Italy as fast as they could. He had contacted his sister and sire, the Prince of Perth, for her help into getting his family over there. Rini became an official member of the Camarilla is a Toreador. Even though she misses her cozy home in Rome, she realizes that she must accept that she is now a vampire. Even though it’s a difficult adjustment, only time will tell for the newborn childe. As a gift, her brother purchased a mansion for his sister to live with her family. He also sends her letters to check up on her every now and then. However, things between the Australian Prince and the young Kindred did not settle too well. After a heated quarrel, Rini decided to burn all the bridges between the two vampires and pack up her things, then leave.

Rini fled to the home of her birth in Dresden with Rome and Australia gone from her mind, it was then she saw quite an unusual object. And invisible door – as she pointed to it, the people around her within public saw nothing or felt anything. She placed her hand onto the transparent surface, it was sucked into the vortex and soon she was devoured completely and landed into this strange, but unique universe.

Rini DeMorieve may come off to others as ditzy and air-headed, but in reality she’s dominant and very intelligent. She frowns upon being talked down to due to always being the one holding leadership, which creates an intense challenge towards the Prince. Her short-fused demeanor can sometimes get her into trouble if she isn’t careful about what she says.

Rini favors the color red out all colors with a hint of black and wears almost anything red. She often appears in leather jackets, tight jeans and knee-high boots or some days she likes to parade around in corset dresses and high-heels. There is one unique trait about Rini – she wears mechanical cat ears upon her head and matching tail. They are a gift she received from Nichiya on their trip to Tokyo one year. She is never without them, however, they are occasionally removed whenever she showers.

Quick Notes:*

*Her birth name was Calpurnia Emilia Hargreaves, but later in her late teens, she changed it to Rini Calpurnia DeMorieve after marriage. She adopted her birth first name ‘Calpurnia’ as her new middle name.
*Splotches of black can be seen on her aura with Auspex. Possible signs of Diablerie crimes.
*Rini suffers Schizophrenia from being kine. She was embraced with it. Even as a Toreador, madness still torments her.
*She is the mother of five Dhampirs, who’s father is her husband.
*Rini is married to her sire.
*Rini is known as The Red Queen of Rosenrot by the Malkavians.
*She sees her city as a chess board and a game.




Rini DeMorieve

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